About Me

My name is Nicole and I’m a college student who loves to run and eat Paleo.

I started my fitness journey back in January of 2011 and I subsequently, due to health issues, was told to forgo all enriched foods and their products. I gave up sugar and white flour and instantly fell better. Then, that August, I read Eat to Live, and I was convinced that the vegan lifestyle was the best and most sustainable for our bodies. I eventually hated it and readopted poultry and fowl into my diet. Soon, in July 2012, I went off the no sugar and no refined carbs path and began eating whatever I wanted. I felt horrible and saw rapid weight gain, so I decided to go Paleo. It took me 2 months to become full Paleo, but I’ve been Paleo since January 2013 except for the rare cheat. I love Paleo, but my IBS issues haven’t been healing, but rather becoming even more exasperated. So in an effort to not give up my Paleo lifestyle, I’m turning to a FODMAPs version of the diet.

This is my blog where I’ll write about my 30 day journey into Paleo FODMAPs.

To read more about why I am starting this blog, click here.



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