It’s just a ‘thing’ I’m doing…

My 21dsd starts tomorrow! I’m doing level 2, because I eat greek yogurt for it’s plethora of probiotics and gut healing properties. I’ve never tried Kefir, and I know it’s allowed on level 2… maybe I’ll try and find it for my 3 week journey. Honestly, I’m always horrible at these detox/whole30 things. Confession time: I never complete them. It’s really pathetic, I know. I always self-sabotage my efforts. But I not only want to detox from all sugar, I NEED TO. It is such a crutch for me, and I depend on it emotionally too much. The nostalgia of Paleo treats is too much these days. Yes, they’re Paleo, but cookies are cookies and I need to control myself. Also, I feel so so so much better without fruit. I physically heal- I’m killing off what I’m pretty sure are yeasty beastys in my belly.

My biggest struggle is feeling like I’m deprived. My game plan this time around is to NOT think about my detox. Just live each day eating, studying, and hanging out with friends, but fruit and Paleo approved sugars/treats just don’t happen to make an appearance. If I constantly think about being on a detox, all I’ll want to do is cheat and think about what I can’t eat. As my mom said, “It’s just a ‘thing’ you’re doing for 3 weeks”. And she’s right. It’s not a diet and nothing special- just an altered way of eating for a brief period of time. 

I know this 1st week is going to be insanely hard, because of withdrawals and emotional eating, but I just got to take it day by day and hour by hour. If I have cravings I’ll go to sleep or talk on the phone. Or just leave the house and take a walk. 

I will also do my absolute best not to go on Instagram unless I’m posting something, because I follow a lot of Paleo accounts who post incredibly yummy food, which just makes me drool and creates unneeded feelings of deprivation.

If you have any tips or tricks for the next 21 days, please let me know! Pray for me and healing- physically and emotionally! 


3 responses to “It’s just a ‘thing’ I’m doing…

  1. Jane

    If you think the 1st week will be hard….it will be. Change your thinking. Enlist the Holy Spirit!

  2. Thanks mom! And you’re right. Just don’t think about it!

  3. My sugar cravings are always strongest when I’m tired – so my only suggestions is get lots of sleep!

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