Day 4 complete but off the beaten path…

I’ll be honest: I cheated today. Not that I wasn’t Paleo all day, but I just wasn’t 100% low FODMAP friendly to myself. I’ll start from the beginning of my day.

After a rough, stomach ache filled night I awoke hungry at about 7:40 am, so I immediately went downstairs to make myself breakfast. And guess what it was? The same thing as usual: egg whites, ground turkey, and zucchini noodles. Exciting variety, huh?

I then went on a golf cart ride with my mom to creep around in a house being built to get ideas for future floor plans and building quality. Sounds odd, but I love discussing that stuff with her. When we returned, I retired to the couch where I continued reading Life of Pi. What a fantastic and enthralling book. It is so simple to read and I’ve loved it so far. I’ve seen the movie, and the producers and directors did a great job of straying very little from the story line. I was curious what others thought about it, so I flipped to the first few pages to read the reviews. My favorite is from the Wall Street Journal (Editor’s Pick) and they are quoted saying, “Think: comic strip ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ with an overt religious theme.” That review stuck out to me because since I was about 11, I can remember reading every Calvin and Hobbes comic strip there is. My family and I absolutely adore the characters and their antics. We even own the collector’s edition of the books- that’s how much we love them! I still have about a third of the novel left, but I definitely recommend it!

At about 11:00 am I was hungry, so I had that crockpot chicken and veggies again, but this time it was on a plate. It tasted just as good, but not quite as exciting to eat if it had been in a bowl. I headed to the pool where I tanned and read for about 3 hours. I stayed until 2:30 pm, but my stomach was starting to growl and I was feeling fried. I returned home and had a big bowl of pineapple. It was delicious! What a wonderful fruit! But then, it started to not sit well in my stomach. It was almost too sweet to handle. I tried drinking lots of water and laid down to rest my stomach, while I caught up on an episode of Pretty Little Liars, but it didn’t help. I thought maybe protein would help the acidity and sugar rush I was feeling, so I had half a breast of chicken. I returned to the couch and all of the sudden I had a hankering for chocolate. It wouldn’t go away. So, in my weakness I had dark chocolate, even though not low FODMAP and definitely not whole30. It made me gassy, so chocolate is out of the game for awhile now!

Unfortunately, once I “cheat”, I seem to just keep going. So, I had 2 handfuls of almonds and raisins, as well as a few @urbanposer vanilla-strawberry coconut macaroons.  I now have diarrhea and gurgling intestines. That won’t happen again. I decided to round off my night, at about 6:30 pm, with the last of that crockpot chicken and veggies and lots of water, and 2 VSL#3 probiotic pills.

The Paleo low FODMAPs lifestyle is a serious business, and if I want healing I need to take it seriously, even in my weakness. Anyone know why I was craving sweet foods and chocolate today? My body obviously can’t tolerate them, so they are foods to strictly avoid even post-low FODMAP/Paleo challenge. I honestly think it was because I was craving fats, but avocados and coconut products are also to be avoided. Any ideas for other fats to snack on?

At least I only had a slight stomach ache today, so score one for me! Now, I just need to remind myself that just because I feel better, that doesn’t mean I’m healed. I have got to stick to it, and my 30 day challenge resolve has been renewed.


2 responses to “Day 4 complete but off the beaten path…

  1. I totally get the chocolate cravings! I don’t have chocolate in my house so I can’t even be tempted to eat it… But I think days 4-6 or so can be really difficult to get through because of cravings since you’re depriving your body of the sugars and fats you’re used to.
    As far as fats to snack on, how do you feel about olives? I used to not like them, but I’ve definitely come around on them quite a bit since starting healthy eating. I don’t like them alone, but with a little salad or some other veggies, they’re really good and kinda satiate that desire for fatty foods.

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