Day 1 is Complete!

Well, Day 1 of my whole30 FODMAPS is over and needless to say it was quite an interesting day. I woke up with zero hunger, and so I didn’t get around to eating until about 4:00 pm. Yes- I said 4:00 pm. I ended up eating a heated up chicken breast, one and a half raw carrots, and some honeydew melon. I didn’t want to eat the chicken, because it had been cooked in chicken broth- which contains onions; but, I didn’t want the chicken to go to waste. I have one more chicken breast left to eat tomorrow and I’ll be in the clear!

So, I also found out while making my breakfast/lunch/dinner combo that my beloved Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning has onion in it. Why Trader Joe’s? Why? Do people seriously have to put onion and garlic in everything? I had no idea how much FODMAPS I was eating unknowingly (well, in my defense, it never mattered before).

While researching FODMAPS, I came upon a few controversies over some foods. It Starts with Food whole30 FODMAPS list has included on their whole30 FODMAPS rendition that nuts, seeds and coconut products are okay. However, on other Paleo FODMAPS lists, such as the Paleo Dietician, I saw to “Be Careful” or “Avoid” some vegetables and fruits, as well as the above items that It Starts with Food says it’s otherwise okay to consume. My mom and I agreed that for the sake of this 30 day experiment to exclude any fruit, vegetable, or food item that other lists say to avoid or even be careful with. So goodbye avocados, coconut and its products, nuts/seeds and their products, to name a few. I was never a huge coconut or nuts person, so no true loss there, but my avocados! How I love and will miss you.

With that being said, a question I pose is: where do I get my fat? Lots of olive oil I suppose?

I’ve also read that because fats are so limited on the Paleo FODMAPS plan that many people do better on a higher carb diet as a result. So more fruits and starches for me.

Anyways, I’m still recovering from eating earlier (a.k.a. my stomach ache is still present), but I have to remember that it takes a long time to reset your body systems and hopefully as the days progress I will see less bloat and stomach aches. Pray I see progress!


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