Why My Journey Begins

I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but I was never sure if anyone would actually read it or care what I had to say about food and nutrition.

You see, I love learning about food and nutrition and back in January of 2013 I embarked on a Paleo lifestyle. Previously, I had enjoyed the SAD diet, and then turned to a vegan diet after reading many books such as, Eat to Live. However, I couldn’t sustain a meatless lifestyle anymore, because I was a carnivore at heart, and after a lot of research I realized that these Paleo/Primal followers were on to something. My transition into a Paleo diet was not fast, and it took me about 2 months to become full Paleo, and like any new thing, I was extremely excited about discovering new recipes and hearing about how a low carbohydrate/moderate fat/high protein diet had done wonders for body composition, acne, and GI issues.

I didn’t begin my Paleo diet doing a whole30, so I did enjoy my Paleo treats. It began extremely well: my acne cleared up, I had wonderful energy, and more. However, about 2 months into my journey, in the month of March, I started experiencing extreme abdominal discomfort and pain, as well as gas and bloating. About 2 years previous I was diagnosed with IBS-C but with the help of medication, my body soon returned to a normal function and 6 months later I thought I was cured and so I went off the meds. But my relief was short lived and the symptoms came back. I visited my GI doctor but I was prescribed the same medicine, and since I followed such a strict Paleo diet he didn’t think it has anything to do with diet.

I now believe he is wrong.

In the course of 3 months I went from being an active collegiate cross country athlete to a couch potato because of chronic stomach aches who can’t seem to overcome her issues to be able to physically exercise at all. And now my summer days have been spent lying in bed or on a couch bloated and in pain.

Attempting to relieve my pain, I tried everything. I eliminated nuts/seeds. I eliminated high fructose fruits. I eliminated avocados. Nothing seemed to work. It seemed no matter what I ate it was a constant guessing game of whether or not my body would react by ripping my insides apart (figuratively of course). I even attempted doing strict Paleo whole30 but my symptoms never subsided and so I’d give up.

I’ve been so confused. I thought the Paleo diet was supposed to stop issues like this from happening, but it’s been the opposite. The stricter I am, the worse it gets. I love it and don’t want to give it up… but seriously- why isn’t it working properly?

That’s when I read about the FODMAPS diet. I was astounded. All of my go-to and favorite Paleo foods were on the “Foods to Avoid” list. Was this the answer? Were my favorite foods causing all of my problems? Could I not digest certain foods properly? As IĀ  mentioned before, I attempted to restrict foods but never all of them at once and never for a long duration, but this time will be different. Many Paleo eaters had GI issues and turned to stricter version of the diet in the form of FODMAPS and found relief!

And that is what leads me to creating this blog: I’m going to find out what a FODMAPS diet can do for me. For the next 30 days, July 23 to August 21, 2013 I will be embarking on a strict Paleo/FODMAPS diet in the hopes of healing my GI distress holistically.

I wanted to write a blog to keep me accountable and keep track of my progress day to day. If you’re reading this and have any insight or recipes, I’d love to read your comments.

Day 1 begins tomorrow and I’m ready to take back my life.


5 responses to “Why My Journey Begins

  1. Jane Shine

    Very nice Nicole!

  2. Obi Wan Kenobe

    Confucius says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” You have taken the step, are on the path, so all my support on staying the course you have plotted out. You are the BEST!

  3. Obi Wan Kenobe

    Oh yes, “May the Force be with YOU”

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